Lesson Rates

1 hour = $50

½ hour = $30

*Beginners 10 and under:*

1 hour = $40

½ hour = $25


*One free trial lesson

*$10 fee applies if the lesson takes place at the student's residence


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What I teach:


I teach trombone, bass trombone and euphonium; jazz and classical.


For every student, I like to first have them establish their musical goals. Their specific goals will help dictate many elements of the teaching process such as the etude books we cover, the solo pieces we work on, or how much the student must practice. Simply put, I listen to a student’s goals and then I teach accordingly.

How I teach:


I teach technique and musicianship. I believe that these elements ought to go hand in hand regardless of the instrument or musical discipline.


By “technique,” I am referring to anything the player must do to get a beautiful note to sound. This can apply to range, articulation, flexibility and dynamics (and many more aspects!). Technique is a matter of gradual, but persistent development. I believe that the best way to work on technique is by addressing it effectively and on a consistent basis!


Musicianship comes from having a great ear and a great musical sense. I have been teaching ear training at the University of Miami for several years now and have been helping students’ develop their ears on a consistent basis. As for developing a musical sense or “intuition,” I think that the best way to do that is simply by listening to tons of music!


Not every student should be taught the same. I customize many elements of the lessons while staying true to the principles that I feel have been most beneficial to my own improvement process.

What you can expect to get out of lessons:


Music lessons are not cheap, and justly so. Aside from whatever musical goals a student might achieve, the student is learning attributes and values that run counter to our culture of consumerism and instant gratification. Among these are patience, hard work, diligence, perseverance and dedication. These core attributes carry over to nearly any profession. I’ve personally heard employers from a various fields say that they would rather hire someone who knows how to work hard but may be unfamiliar with the skills needed than someone who is familiar with the skills but does not know how to work hard.


Music develops areas of the brain that coincide with language and reasoning. Learning music is part of a well-rounded education process that helps a student develop of great intellectual groundwork for a variety of areas.


The list goes on and one! If you’re interested in learning more benefits of music education, click on this link: 

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